handlebar mustache balm

How cool is handlebar mustache?! More than four million Mo Sistas and Mo Bros having fun, looking fashionable, all while raising awareness and money for men’s health projects. Starting with a clean shaven face can potentially outcome in a little bit of itch as you 1
st start to grow your mo. Cause of the itch are many but most accept that largest causes are dry skin and sharp sides of rising hairs leaded by shaving.


Keeping the place moisturized with soothing oil is something you can do to help decrease itchiness. This will help situation your skin and keep your whiskers pliable and silky as they spring forth from your key face. Badgers bets for itch little growth are beard oil and fragrance-free face oil. Both are based on the peaceful botanical oils that moisturize skin, and asset to soften stubble for below new growth. Simply used a few drops of oil to your fingers and smooth into you handlebar mustache. Provide it minute or 2 to absorb, and softly dab away any excess. This can be done every night or day, but naturally works amazing right out of the shower.


Moisturizing is vital, not only does moisturizing treatment combat irritate, it also assist to keep face hair laying straight. So in care for a handlebar mustache moisturizing is a regular part of your routine. As your handlebar mustache starts to grow more, regularly to apply an oil connecting not just on the hair but also the below to the skin, and apply a comb to tame those unruly whiskers. Every access can be blotted away as described above, or worked into the complete of your face for a single step hair and skin calmer. You can also think about mustache scissors, if nothing else looks to be work.

Feeling great?

Or may be simply have true course of handlebar mustache that requires a little extra taming? That’s where mustache arrives handy. It can be applied sparingly to keep hairs in line, or liberty to be twisted into any number of shapes. Always consider, using a pre shave oil to aid and soften stubble as you drag you’re steel across your face. Shave oil help to decrease irritations primarily caused being caught and pulled by razors. If you’ve really responsive skin, think skipping alcohol based shave oil expect of moisturizing oil.

One of the great things about applying essential oils are your routine is that a number of tem arrive with soothing properties and natural anti inflammatory. So you not just smell good and look remarkable, and feel better too.

And remember men care of your facial hair matters not just to you, but also your loved ones.

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